Moy Moy Palaboy (Moymoy Palaboy) is a comedy duo from the Philippines. As the Obeso brothers, James Ronald (Moymoy, born 17.07.1983) and Rodfil (Roadfill, born 28.08.1985) started to upload their first crazy lip sync videos to YouTube, they got enourmous success.

Moy Moy Palaboy (Moymoy Palaboy)

In 2008 Moy Moy Palaboy videos and their YouTube profile has been accessed more then 5 million times and the brothers appeared in TV shows, like GMA Network’s Bubble Gang. Now, due to their success Moy Moy Palaboy are contract artists in GMA Artist Center. As they never used their own voices, in March 2009 Moy Moy Palaboy released their first album “Uploaded” with Sony BMG using their real singing voices. At 26.03.2009 their YouTube account (moymoypalaboy) has been suspended due to copyright infringement, but the same day they created a new account (moymoypalaboyteam). Their original account has been reactivated at 08.04.2009. In September 2010 Moy Moy Palaboy performed in the crazy Coca Cola commercial: Coca Cola Brrrr.

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