The giant cricket (Brachytrupes portentosus), also called Taiwan giant cricket or giant ground cricket is a real delicacy for insect eating people. As we went to our local market in Chiang Mai, North Thailand,
I found a few plastic bags with living insects in one of the market stalls.

Insect Eating - Giant Cricket
What`s that ?, I asked the old Thai saleswoman. Crickets, she answered and smiled. Don`t tell me a farang (foreigner) will eat insects. No, no I replied, I was just curious. Ohhhh, they are very delicious, please buy a bag for me, my Thai friend, who accompanied me, was begging. Just look at this fleshy thighs, aroi, aroi… Insect eating is nothing special in our home country Thailand and for a lot of people all over Asia fried insects are a delight. Most foreigners will give a sniff at insect eating
and think it`s just disguisting.

To cut a long story short, I bought a bag of this giant crickets and at home our Thai photographer Nat had difficulty doing the photograph as the crickets didn`t want to keep still and was crawling around. One of the boys was already heating up oil in a wok, added a few pandanus leaves and will the pho shooting was done, the giant crickets has been thrown in the hot oil and fried until crispy. Whilst they has been served with soy sauce as a dip, the crickets has been eaten up within seconds.

Insect Eating - Giant Cricket
Photography ©
Image: Insect Eating – Giant crickets (Brachytrupes portentosus)
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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