For people in many Asian countries eating insects is a delight, so in our home country Thailand, while foreigners screw up their noses and think, that´s just disgusting. In the end it´s just a point of view. You´ll believe us or not, Thai people are crazy for insects and while we went to the Chiang Mai Flower Festival our photographer Nat discovered this insect street vendor. He was begging me for a few fried crickets, bugs, worms and caterpillars and told me, that after this little snack his photographic skills will improve a lot. What kind of a chance would I have had… I bought a selection of the most mouthwatering, fried insects and earned a big smile.
After his little insect snack, we went on with our work and Nat was not cheating me, he could achieve a lot of outstanding photographies. Does that mean, that insect eating improves Your photographic skills…? I´m not sure, but insects are very high in protein.
In Thailand edible insects are often deep fried with pandanus leaves
and served with soy sauce sprayed over the delicious snack.

Insect Eaters Buffet
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Image: Insect Eaters Buffet

Nutritionists found out, that the first two years in the life of a human being are coining the eating habits, so if young kids get used to eat insects, that`s absolutely nothing special or even disguisting for them. It`s just ordinary food. Did You know that lobster and shrimps belong to the same phylum Arthropoda as insects ? But as lobster and other crustaceans are delicacies, insects are considered by many people as weird or disguisting food. It´s just a point of view. More @ Eating Insects Weird Food

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